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ESM 4304 - Hemodynamics

Study of the human cardiovascular system and blood flow. Anatomy and physiology of the human heart, vascular system, and its organization. Blood physiology and rheology. Non-Newtonian blood flow models. Steady and pulsatile blood flow in rigid and elastic arteries. Pressure waves in elastic arteries. Three-dimensional blood flow in the aortic arch and flow around heart valves. Pre: 3016 or ME 3404. (3H,3C)

Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the anatomy, physiology, and organization of the cardiovascular system
  • Describe the anatomy, physiology, and organization of other physiological systems (respiratory, renal, liver, digestive) that also involve the biological transport or molecules
  • Understand fluxes and gradients, and the role of dimensionless numbers in analysis
  • Describe the difference between body forces and surface forces, and fluid statics
  • Describe mass and linear momentum conservation equations
  • Describe blood rheology, develop constitutive relations and the role of viscosity
  • Describe force on blood vessels during flow through rigid and elastic arteries and the coupled elastic deformation of arterial tissue
  • Simulate blood pressure wave in various components of the cardiovascular system
  • Describe solute fluxes in mixtures, constitutive relations, and diffusion and its role in hemodialysis
  • Describe transport in porous media, and transvascular and transendothelial transport
  • Impart an ability to work in structured teams through cooperative homework and project assignments
  • Impart an ability to communicate effectively - orally, graphically, and in writing through a project report and presentation
  • Understand the importance of safety and ethical responsibility while developing biomedical devices

Prereqs: 3016 or ME 3404

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