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Michael Diersing Exhibits Photograph in Roanoke's O. Winston Link Museum


"Reflections into the Past" by Mike Diersing "Reflections into the Past" by Mike Diersing

BLACKSBURG, Va., Feb. 2, 2011 – ESM's Media Specialist, Michael Diersing, is a man of many talents. He recently exhibited an original photograph at the O. Winston Link Museum entitled, "Reflection into the Past." Describing the photograph, Mike stated, "The H&C Coffee and Dr. Pepper signs are reflected in the windows of the art museum. The angle of the window frames draws your attention into the photo and help frame the subjects. The frames help present the signs in a modern art style."

Mike joined ESM as a Staff member in 2003. As Media Specialist, Mike assists the department's faculty and staff with the development and production of web layouts including graphic elements. He also manages the operation of the ESM biomechanics laboratories. As an active member of the Blacksburg Photography Club,, Mike shares his love of photography with others. For ESM, Mike is a major contributor to the department through the Photography Committee, lending his expertise by photographing many events. ESM is proud to have such talented people on its team.

by: Anne-Marie Bracken