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Developing a Small High Technology Business

Wednesday, September 27, 2006
4:00–5:00 PM
Room 110, Randolph Hall
Dr. H. Pat Artis
Performance Associates, Inc.

Independent of the area of expertise, successful small high technology businesses share a common trait. That is, they are based on a niche technological prominence that distinguishes the enterprise from both larger and lower cost competitors. This seminar will discuss the evolution and business model of Performance Associates, an enterprise that focuses on the measurement and performance of storage subsystems and subsystem replication infrastructures.

About the speaker: Dr. H. Pat Artis graduated with a degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech in 1972. He is currently president ofPerformance Associates, a firm he founded in 1986 which concentrates on the measurement, testing, and analysis of storage systems. He also holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science, a Doctorate in Informatics, and has also attended the National Test Pilot School.

Dr. Artis has written more than 150 papers related to computer performance and evaluation, is a co-author of the book MVS I/O Subsystems, and has presented seminars on z/OS and Open Systems I/O on six continents.

Dr. Artis is on the editorial board of the Journal of Computer Systems Science Engineering, is a past president of the Computer Measurement Group, and is a member of the Advisory Committee to the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. In addition to his other honors, Dr. Artis received the A.A. Michelson Award in 1984 for his fundamental contributions to computer metrics.